RE.Plastic Surgery Review

I remember from a young age stuffing my bras with socks and feeling deflated (literally!) that I couldn’t fill out clothes nicely- especially dresses! Furthermore, in my early twenties I started weight training, which can make your breasts even smaller; and it’s very common in this sport for women to have a breast enlargement to gain the overall symmetry they desire. At the age of 27 I finally had the cash to splash and after extensive research, I bit the bullet.  After extensive research on the web, I found Dr Kim Taylor of Re Plastic Surgery. Kim was extremely thorough and reassuring through the whole process. Over two years later, and after breast feeding, I’m still happy with my results. People are constantly commenting on how natural they look and they feel extremely natural.

After such a great surgical experience, I returned to see Rachel, the Dermal Clinician, at Re Plastic Surgery. Located in the beautiful area of Toorak Melbourne, Re offers both surgical, non-surgical and skincare treatments, with two plastic surgeons, a dermal clinician and a cosmetic physician. The waiting area is luxurious, modern and inviting with refreshments readily available. There are also more private areas to retreat to for people who want to fly under the radar. Rachel  is extremely  knowledgeable and uses science backed practices that have real results.  I presented to her with dehydrated and blotchy uneven skin tone.

Firstly Rachel goes through an in depth skin consultation to work out which treatments are right for you, to deliver the best results for your particular skin concerns.

The treatments I enjoyed were:

  • Deep cleanse with Sonophoresis (Sonophoreses uses ultrasound vibrations to disrupt the skin barrier helping in transdermal delivery of topical skin treatments)
  • 10% Lactic Acid Peel to improve tone and texture
  • Microdermabrasion to rejuvenate the skin by removing dead and dry surface skin. It increases cell turnover, leaving your skin fresh, smooth and radiant.
  • Hyaluronic Acid infusion mask for hydration using Sonophoresis
  • Neck and shoulder massage to finish off

After the treatments my skin felt cleaner, more even toned and more hydrated than ever. Rachel and I discussed my other body area of concern which is my post pregnancy stretch marks. My treatment plan moving forward is to use ResurFX to treat these areas and I can’t wait to start watching them disappear! The whole experience was extremely relaxing and I’m so excited to see Rachel and the team again soon.

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