Food Babies Love- Review

As a busy mum, it’s nice to be able to have the option of grabbing some ready made fresh meals with peace of mind that it’s going to nourish my baby like a home cooked meal would.

Did you know some babies are eating pouch packed food that is older than them! Would you eat meat and vegetables stored on a shelf for up to 18 months? This type of baby food is safe because it is heat blasted to allow it to sit on the shelf for a year or more. The process makes it a pretty convenient product for retailers, but the result is a nutrient deficient meal for your growing baby.

Until recently, this sort of food was the only option for parents looking to purchase convenient, ready-made baby food. Food Babies Love Fresh Pots are just like home-made baby food, with no added salt, sugar, artificial preservatives or colours.

My bubs favourite is the Greek Lamb Casserole. I love the fact that the packaging is clear and you can see what you’re getting. This also offers sensory stimulation for your bub so they can see, smell and touch their food. You can find Food Babies Love on the top shelf of the kid’s yoghurt section in selected Woolworths stores and in other independent supermarkets.

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