Kooshykids – Product reviews


With one brilliant invention, economy class seating becomes first class in an instant 😍 This inflatable plane cushion is placed on the floor between your child’s seat and the seat in-front and inflated to desired height. It can be used as a couch or bed, and is approved on over 40 airlines. You can even fit two kids horizontally!- (see pic below)

I absolutely love its soft flocking material on the top for extra comfort and it has three easy inflation options. Its light and easy to carry with a drawstring backpack and its made of the highest quality pvc so it LASTS.

I wanted to lay flat so badly when I was a young child traveling. Now my babies can enjoy the invention- Thanks Kooshy Kids!!


3-in-1 infant travel bed

This is for the younger bubbas who still sleep in a bassinet.

Australian designed and owned, this spacious nappy bag easily transforms into a bassinet and portable nappy changing station! It’s a smart and practical solution for all parents on the go. It features five huge pockets which means plenty of room for nappies, clothes, toys and all the jazz. There’s two pockets on the outside which are perfect for storing Mum or Dad’s personal items, and it also has insulated pockets for hot or cold food/drinks, which is an absolute necessity for me.

For safety and comfort it has mesh windows on (both sides) which allow extra airflow, ensuring baby sleeps safe and sound. Its padded shoulder strap is so comfy and it even features pram hooks so you can hang it off the pram (I like to save my shoulder where I can :D). It’s also water resistant making cleaning up little accidents super easy.

This easy carry bag is literally everything you need on the go for a baby up to 6 months. Not only is it perfect for plane travel, but you can also use it to take to friends homes, or even to the park!

25360558_10155803915140185_1597263674_n< img src=”https://mummyofmelbourne.files.wordpress.com/2017/12/img_5519.jpg&#8221; height=”628″ class=”wp-image-71″ width=”1200″>

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