How’s your Postpartum Gut Health?

How’s your gut health post pregnancy?

Not only do our bodies physically change during pregnancy, they change on the inside too. Gut bacteria changes to help alter the mothers metabolism to support her growing fetus. The immune system is also suppressed during pregnancy to ensure the body doesn’t reject the fetus as something foreign, and it can take time to return to normal postpartum. Therefore it’s so important to support it with the use of a quality Probiotic during pregnancy and postpartum. Additionally, if you’re breastfeeding the immune supporting benefits will be passed on to baby through your milk supply.

Personally I’m a big old wuss with taking tablets, (especially horse size tablets) so I was so excited when I came across Pono Probiotics. They have a variety of products which come in powder form and can be added to water, smoothies, breakfast, or straight off the spoon because it takes like delicious coconuts! The other bonus is its sugar free and naturally sweetened with Dextrose.


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