Dermal Lip Fillers

I’ve always had a very thin top lip which means a gummy/toothy smile and that’s something i’ve always felt self concious of when I look at myself in photo’s. So when I saw Chloe Morello’s very first vlog of her getting lip fillers of course I was intrigued.

After lots of research and speaking to different people, I went by a word of mouth referral (I was too chicken to do otherwise). I went to see a nurse who worked from a room in a hair salon. She was lovely and calm and reassuring. We applied the numbing cream and whilst that was doing its thing we did a Skype consult with a doctor on her iPad (this is a must before any nurse uses dermal injectables). The doctor basically just goes over the procedure and asks if you have any questions.

Happy to go ahead with 1ml of Juvaderm the nurse handed me a stress ball and boy did I squeeze the hell out of it! I think it was more out of fear from the new experience and freaking out that I could actually feel each injection point. I have to say though it is not painful, uncomfortable yes but not painful.

Results are immediate and I was amazed and loved seeing the instant change. As expected, I woke the next morning with swollen lips the size of a house and a couple of bruises. If the bruise is on the lip and not on the skin around the lip (which is more uncommon) my top tip I learnt is disguising it with a dark red lipstick. πŸ’„πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ These symptoms both go down within a week and you will see the real result in a couple of weeks.

Generally results will last around 6-9 months depending on the brand of fillers and your individual metabolism. The product consists of Hyalouronic Acid which already exists in our bodies and the body slowly absorbs and metabolises the injected product. For me it lasted around that time, however it is very hard to tell as obviously it disappears so slowly.

Since then I have had 1ml done once a year to maintain the look, and I have had it done by two different nurses since. Each individual has slightly different techniques but it’s hard to tell the difference in the results each time unless they injected too much in one area. This actually happened to me at my last visit to a highly recommended nurse. My area of concern as seen in my pictures above is my top lip. She placed too much in my bottom lip and not enough in my top lip – resulting in a strong border on the top lip with not enough volume.

Luckily I had the opportunity for the beautiful Dr Tina Purdon to fix the concern. She only added 0.2 of a ml in the either side of the centre in the top lip but it achieved exactly the volume I needed to solve the problem. I now feel that on my side profile my lips balance out my face more as a whole and I now feel my lips are perfect. I’m not someone who gets addicted to these treatments. For me I’ve achieved what I wanted to achieve and now I’ll simply maintain that.

Dermal lip fillers are great for people with a particular concern like I had with a gummy smile, toothy smile or just really thin lips. I don’t like the overdone or obvious look and I’ve definitely seen girls (or even guys) that have overdone it. I think if you do it right and keep it natural looking it can be a wonderful boost to your confidence and how you feel. I’ve never felt so happy with the way my lips look and the way it’s enhanced my side profile.

Please send me a message if you have any questions – happy to answer ☺️ Dr. Purdon works from Phenotype Cosmetic Medicine in Eltham (Victoria) Ph: 9439 3562

– M.O.M xo

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