How I’m Getting My Hair Wedding Ready

I’m on a mission to get my hair in the best condition of my life with help from the beautiful ladies at Cutters Lounge Hawthorn. 

My hair is naturally very dry curly hair and I have LOTS of it. I came to the girls with lack luster hair that could be described as coarse and over-processed, with a lack of elasticity and a colour build up that made it look like a wig.

We decided in order to get the wedding hair I have always dreamed of, we needed to devise a long term plan of attack- as hair condition doesn’t change over night!   

Aim: to lose the wig look and to soften, encourage growth, increase elasticity and make the hair have a beautiful natural shine.  


Here’s the steps we are taking:

  • Regular trims to keep split ends at bay
  • Use quality range of hair care at home –  I am using Chrisophe Robin (in order) Moisturising Hair Oil with Lavender, Regenerating Shampoo, Regenerating Mask, and Hydrating Leave in Mist. My favourite product is the Regenerating Mask with prickly pear oil. I pop it on after shampooing and it literally only needs TWO minutes to give the full effect. They even did studies that it will produce the same effect in two minutes as two hours of leaving it on your hair – great for us time poor mummies! 
  • Change from previously having permenant colour to Goldwell Cover Plus which works like a permenant but gives the shine of a semi. 
  • Do a Keratin smoothing treatment on my hair to make it easier for me to manage at home and reduce frizz
  • Use the Christophe Robin Moisturising Hair Oil with Lavendar prior to colouring helps with shine whilst the colour is evening out. 

Im so excited to share my hair journey with you in time for the big day in October. Watch this space! 




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