My First Botox Experience


A couple of weeks ago I tried Botox for the first time with the amazing Dr.Giulia of Dermal Distinction (pictured right). dr_giulia_danna_cosmetic_dentist

What is Botox/Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections are a naturally occurring protein extract and is very well tolerated in the levels used for cosmetic correction.

What can anti wrinkle treatments do?

Injectables are used strategically to relax certain muscles to create:
• eyebrow lift
• reduce gummy smile
• slim the jawline
• create less downward pull of muscles on the mouth and neck

How long do they last?

Generally around 3-4 months

My experience

I have been having trouble with jaw clenching in my sleep for quite some time and not only does it cause me neck/jaw pain, but it also overdevelops the jaw muscle and makes my face look squarer than it naturally should.

So after considering it for quite a while, I took the plunge. I couldn’t believe how simple it was! The area doesn’t need to be numbed, it’s pretty painless, and it’s done in about 5 seconds on each area.

It is however, extremely important for you to choose an experienced practitioner who is very knowledgeable about facial anatomy, as there are great variants out there in in injector experience. I personally recommend going with an experienced cosmetic injectable doctor. The Masseter is one of the strongest muscles in the body (especially when you’ve been overworking it), so it can take 2 or more weeks to start to see results. At the same time I decided to try the ‘Liquid Eyebrow Lift.’ Coming up to my wedding I wanted these tired mumma eyes to look more open and refreshed, so when I found out you can even do this I was excited at the prospect of what it might look like.




Jaw – An incredible difference. As you can see in the image on the right it has completely changed the shape of my face and has returned me to how I should naturally look. I can now actually see my cheek bone definition – as before the points of my jaw were almost coming out further than my cheek bones, making my face appear larger and more square. As the treatment has also stopped my muscle from working so fiercely, it has also significantly reduced neck and jaw pain associated with the clenching.

Eyebrow Lift:

The result is subtle yet so effective. Nobody would notice it has been done, but they would wonder why you look so fresh like – did you just come back from a kid free holiday? I’m super happy with my results.

Would you do it again?

100 percent. Next on my list is to treat my forehead wrinkles, which I have started to notice in the last year or so (mum life). They are very hard to cover with makeup and sometimes makeup can fall into the creases and actually make them look more obvious.



Contact Dermal Distinction for a consultation

(03) 9859-7859
3 Belmore Rd, Balwyn North, Victoria


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