The Organic Chewing Gum I’m Hooked On


This my friends, is not your average chewie. Mast Chew is the first locally manufactured, plant-based and sugar-free chewing gum, made from the ancient Mediterranean Pistacia resin.

The new digestible chewing gum (yes you can swallow if you want to), is based on a decades-old recipe featuring the mastic-like resin of the Pistacia plant: a small tree belonging to the cashew family – fascinating right? Pistacia resin exhibits naturally occurring antimicrobial activity and has been used for hundreds of years throughout the Mediterranean to maintain gut health and treat stomach related illnesses. The gum base is then sweetened with xylitol and naturally flavoured with essential mint oil. That’s it! No nasty artificial colours or preservatives, and it’s it’s even good for the environment being fully biodegradable (your average gum is not).

Trunk exudates of Pistacia trees have been extensively studied and shown to exhibit anti-microbial activity. It has been used in traditional medicine throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East for thousands of years to maintain gut health and treat;
– stomach ulcers,
– abdominal pain,
– heartburn, and
– gastric and intestinal ulcers.

We should think of this gum as the healthier alternative. Other chewing gums sold at the moment don’t serve a purpose, but this actually has a positive health effect. Perfect for people with latex allergies, or who don’t want to have any artificial ingredients. It’s not the prettiest gum to look at, but it tastes delicious, and that’s all that matters to me. If you love gum and you’re looking for something that tastes delicious and is actually good for you, I definitely recommend giving Mast Chew a try – I’m hooked!


Now available at select stores around the country and from

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